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We - these are -  - Sylvia und Werner Pokorny - are so lucky to have enough time and possibilities in spite of family and profession to divide our life at the same time with wonderful dogs.

Few years ago my dogs and I moved in a small village near Vienna and next to Baden.


Even my whole live - I love dogs:

But although at first only I have to snuggle with a big  pet with wheels on its feet- because  real dogs always lied down and slept, whenever  I wanted to play with them

But my parents, they tried to  understand  me - and when I grew up, they allowed me to train  our german shepherd-dogs. The most time - even Sunday early in the morning - you could find me  training them obedience or field-trail and so on.

There, what pleasure, my husband and I got to know each other and he gave a wonderful charming  dog  to me - Muck vom Aichtal - many years he escorted us with his charm and happyness.


Our whole family love animals - our children - already grownups now - they lived together with guinea-pigs, rabbits, hamster, tame rats, budgerigars,  fishes, a grey parrot, some cats and -  of course - dogs.

My son loved his black cat - and it did just the same:

My daughter is an excellent rider and we spent a lot of time with our horses - our dogs  were seen everywhere with pleasure, they enjoyed to come with us, they liked the smell and the stable so much.

Our first Cocker-spaniel  bitch was  "Leslie" (Lucky Lips vom Österreichring) - with her first litter we founded our  kennel  "Midwinter" at 1995,

In the meantime there are already a lot of offspring  from our studdogs and we are so pleased to hear about them. That`s fine that they  are  - special  in foreign countries like Finland or Germany - so successful and popular.

Already more than thirty years we live together with lovely dogs. It`s so wonderful - every morning, our charming and merry spaniels welcome us - and therefore we are able to begin every day with a smile.

We are breeding  English Cocker Spaniels -  but however the last years we also realiszed  our love to English Springer Spaniel.

At first wie got  Monti (Donnerschlag vom Schloss Hellenstein) z - here you can see him with my granddaughter  Mavie:

A few years later we  importort from  Sweden Nora (Stardom Steals the Limelight) - she also got a lot of famous notes at the exhibitions - but she loves to ly near to my daughter

My "education": during the time I had worked for the Österreichischen Kynologenverband  I was lucky to met a granddame at the Austrian Kynologie Mrs Bublik . She told me a lot of the most different dog races and opened my eyes for their needs and nature. I also had the possibility to be friends of experienced and female breeders. On behalf for it I would like to call Mr. Fritz Brodbeck - he teached me the base of breeding, selection and whelping, and Mrs. Maria-Luise Doppelreiter, she was decisive for that I get fond of dog-shows and last but not least Mrs.Monika Bollinger. Here, at her kennel I learned to know spaniels in all her vacets, all ages and colors. Also I could be beside to some births and was allowed to hold a newborn puppy in my hand - special at the time I could not - as for my professional reasons - breed myself .

To all of them I want to say "Thank you so much"   -  and of course also to the best of all masters, to my dogs.

  sylvia pokorny




Für Werner (Feb 1943 - April 2009)

Ohne dich leben zu müssen – ein weiteres Jahr einen neuen Sinn  finden zu müssen – wenn der Kalender das Frühjahr anzeigt - wenn die Natur erwacht  – wenn die Sonne uns wärmt - dann spüre ich den tiefen Schmerz in meiner Brust –  erlebe den Abschied erneut und mein Verstand sagt mir, dass ich lernen muss, deinen Tod zu akzeptieren –  mein Gefühl sagt mir, dass so vieles von dir in mir lebt und bleibt.  

In Dankbarkeit und Liebe